Building Users

What is Venn Academy?


Venn Academy is a private school for approximately 15 children aged 6 - 14.

The staff includes two full-time teachers, an administrator and parent volunteers.

The school emphasizes individual attention, small classes, project based learning, and is similar to Waldorf and Montessori schools in philosophy.

Venn Academy will lease 3 downstairs classrooms at Unity of Portland from 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday.


What are the benefits to Unity of Portland?

The lease payments cover approximately 50% of our building operating expenses and position us for positive monthly cash flow.

There are synergies between Venn and Unity programs which allow for the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas, materials, and lessons. Venn seems very compatible with our Unity philosophy.

The rental provides a community service that benefits our neighborhood and raises local awareness of Unity and our message.

The Venn usage of the building allows flexibility of use anytime for the upstairs sanctuary, chapel, bookstore, and offices. Evening activities and weekend events will not be impacted.

The two parties seem quite compatible, AND the lease will be designed with flexibility and to allow either party to exit the relationship with appropriate notice.

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