A higher level of purpose, order, life and wisdom

Last Sunday, I found myself standing in one of the gardens that surround our building. It always excites me in the spring to see how the gardens change from week to week and even day to day. I walk for fitness in the mornings and have been watching the subtle changes in the earth through the winter. Winter is not so much a dead time as a time germination and organization resulting in the explosion of life that is spring.

The Trustee Board team has just started a new term and we are looking at our agenda for the coming year.  As we survey what is ahead of us, it really does feel like here in our community through the winter there has been and is so much going on under the surface also. It is exciting and exhilarating to see and sense the explosion of life and growth that is building at Unity of Portland. The stage is being set by such activities as the basement repair and renovation, the Living the Vision project and organizing activities happening in many teams within our spiritual home.

As a community we are, this year, moving to a higher level of purpose, order, life and wisdom. We give thanks for this as we open our hearts in service to Spirit. Happy Easter!

Mark Melecki

Trustee Board team of Unity of Portland