Prayer and Support

Prayer and Support at Unity

Prayer and Support at Unity

 we can never be separate from the Presence of Spirit as love, harmony, wholeness, abundant supply wisdom, divine right action, and joy! 

As we pray, align with the highest truth about the spiritual nature of ALL life, we align with a deeper experience of Oneness, and we live, supported, empowered, from and as that Oneness.


Prayer Chaplains

We have a loving and supportive Prayer Chaplain Team. At Unity of Portland, our chaplains go through an educational and training process which also incorporates regular spiritual practices of prayer and meditation. Identify our chaplains by their white or purple stoles at the front of the sanctuary after every service. They are happy to pray with you in confidence and compassion.

Silent Unity can also be reached for prayer 24 hours a day by calling 1 800 669-7729


Request Prayer

You can request prayer using the form on the bottom of this page. Our Prayer Circle will hold your request in loving and confidential prayer for 30 days, and then forward that request to Silent Unity, where prayer for you and your request will continue for another 30 days.


All prayer requests are held in confidence and loving high faith. Know that the moment you submit your request, Spirit moves to express as that which you or your loved one truly needs. Whether it be healing, divine order, right action, prosperity, employment, harmony or love, we know that all needs are met by and in God.

Unity Resources


Prayer Circle


When you place a prayer request with us, your request is placed in our  prayer box your name is added to our daily prayers for the next 30 days.  Please know there is a miraculous healing power at work when minds are  joined as one. We hope you will find comfort in knowing that others care  and are joined with you in prayer. After 30 days, your prayer request  is forwarded to Silent Unity, where your request is held in prayer for  another 30 days. 
You may call the Unity of Portland Dial-A-Prayer line directly for an uplifting message any time of the day, or night.
Silent Unity (24-Hour Live Prayer Line) 1.800.NOW.PRAY (669.7729)
Silent Unity, the worldwide prayer ministry of Unity, has been praying  with people seeking spiritual support for 125 years. The 24/7 prayer ministry serves people of all faiths from all parts of the world. Silent  Unity prays affirmatively, believing that God is everywhere present and  active in and through all lives, and serves with sensitivity,  compassion, and confidentiality. From the moment a prayer request is  received, the sender is lovingly enfolded in prayer. After a response  has been provided, the prayer request is placed in the Silent Unity  Prayer Vigil Chapel, where prayer is continuous, for 30 days.  
Prayer Chaplains
We are here to:
Accept you unconditionally. Envision with you all of the possibilities for your heart’s dreams and desires. Listen to your prayer request and hold what is shared in confidence. Pray with you for the highest and best in your life to be expressed. Our prayer chaplains serve others—through praying one on one with another person,holding Sacred Space, leading chapel meditations, and listening  to others with compassion.We also conduct special services:  our annual Pet Blessing Service and our annual World Day of Prayer  Service are just two of the sacred and joyful ways we connect with our  church community in love and support. 
One-on-One Prayer
 Prayer Chaplains are always available for prayer after every service.
This heart-centered, gentle and loving service is available to all, free of charge.
Bring  any concern, fear, worry, need or even celebration, and we will know  the highest Spiritual Truth with and for you – God is already at work no  matter the circumstances, appearances, or what has gone before.
Congregants may also sign up to receive a prayer call, email, or letter by filling out a request form at the Prayer Table.
Additionally,  prayer is always available to you 24 hours a day, every day, through  Silent Unity 1-800-669-7729, 1-800-NOW-PRAY or
How to Become a Chaplain
Prayer Chaplain Training 
If you feel called to serve as a  Prayer Chaplain or want to know more about the program, please call Rev.  Sydney at (503) 234-7441. 
Do you feel called to serve others through prayer?  Perhaps the Unity Prayer Chaplain program is for you.
If this program is resonating within you, you will want to begin the  application process now. You are asked to apply now because of the  church membership schedules and Unity class requirements. This also  provides enough time for planning your personal time away so as to not  interfere with your 8 weeks of Prayer Chaplain training. 
Listed below are the prerequisites and process for entering the Prayer Chaplain Program this year.
An active attendee of Unity Church of Portland, UCP for 6 months prior to being accepted into the Prayer Chaplain Program
Church membership is required prior to being confirmed as a Prayer Chaplain. 
You  must complete our affirmative prayer class, ROCK! Your Word prior to  the start of chaplain training. This is required for chaplain training.  This class is held twice a year for 7 weeks, usually starting in  September and then again in January or early February.
To find out more, call the church office at (503) 234-7441
All Chaplain Candidates will have a Background Check prior to being accepted into the Prayer Chaplain Program.

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is a process of allowing the counseled to be open and receptive to God within.

Spiritual  counseling is the realization that God is the only answer. The Great  Counselor, Jesus, often asked: Do you want to be healed? The counselor  cannot do the healing for the counseled. He/she can only hold sacred  space and energy for the healing to take place. The counselee’s  dedication and commitment to finding healing, prosperity, peace of mind,  and joy in life is up to him/her.seling isn’t psychotherapy  or advice-giving; it’s prayerfully knowing that all we need is already  present within us.

As always, Spirit is in charge  of the session, and the counselor has prayerfully prepared him/herself,  the counseling space and the session before it has even commenced. The  issue/challenge is then shared, and the counselor will share spiritual  principles, techniques and other appropriate spiritual tools for the  healing of the issue. A prayer or meditation is used to conclude the  session. The standard time allotted for a spiritual counseling session  is approximately 50-60 minutes, depending on the issue.

Spiritual  counseling is the realization that God is the only answer. The Great  Counselor, Jesus, often asked: Do you want to be healed? The counselor  cannot do the healing for the counseled. He/she can only hold sacred  space and energy for the healing to take place. The counselee’s dedication and commitment to finding healing, prosperity, peace of mind,  and joy in life is up to him/her.

Our Licensed Unity Teachers are available for counseling upon request.

If you would  like to request spiritual counseling, please contact the Unity office at 503-234-7441.

Support Groups That Meet Weekly At Unity of Portland.


Support Groups


Al-Anon Meeting

Tuesdays 7:00pm - Teen Room


AA Meeting

Saturdays 12:00pm - Chapel


Click Here for entire Support Group Calendar


Prayer for Protection
by James Dillet Freeman 

The light of God surrounds me;

The love of God enfolds me;

The power of God protects me;

The presence of God watches over me;


Wherever I am, God is! 



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Our phone number is: 503-234-7441