Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling is a process of allowing the counselee to be open and receptive to God within.
The focus is always on the power of Spirit at the core of the individual, not in seeking solutions to challenges outside of ourselves. Spiritual counseling begins with the supposition that God is the answer to all problems or challenges in our lives. The spiritual counselor is holding the divine idea of light, love, and wisdom already present within the individual sharing. Spiritual counseling isn’t psychotherapy or advice-giving; it’s prayerfully knowing that all we need is already present within us.
As always, Spirit is in charge of the session, and the counselor has prayerfully prepared him/herself, the counseling space and the session before it has even commenced. The issue/challenge is then shared, and the counselor will share spiritual principles, techniques and other appropriate spiritual tools for the healing of the issue. A prayer or meditation is used to conclude the session. The standard time allotted for a spiritual counseling session is approximately 50-60 minutes, depending on the issue.
Spiritual counseling is the realization that God is the only answer. The Great Counselor, Jesus, often asked: Do you want to be healed? The counselor cannot do the healing for the counselee. He/she can only hold sacred space and energy for the healing to take place. The counselee’s dedication and commitment to finding healing, prosperity, peace of mind, and joy in life is up to him/her.
Our Licensed Unity Teachers are available for counseling upon request. If you would like to request spiritual counseling, please contact the Unity office at 503-234-7441.
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