Unity Classes




Unity Classes

Because life, when lived in loving and healthy spiritual response
vs. fearful and angry reaction, is better.
Because you are a divine creationbut you may not always know it,
or know how to live as if you do know it.
Because you’re worth it.
Because it’s your next step.


Wherever you are on your life journey, our spiritual classes, are designed to support you in growing your connection with God, learning about Unity, deepening your understanding of Unity teachings, and discovering your own beliefs. Our classes are open to everyone and provide practical spiritually-based tools for life-changing growth and transformation. 


For those new to Unity, or interested in exploring a deeper spiritual Truth. This class covers the Five Unity Principles which are powerful Spiritual tools of transformation, filled with life and energy.  When we learn to consciously apply them in our everyday living God becomes an active, guiding presence in our lives. 
Based on Eric Butterworth’s book of the same name, this class invites you to boldly recognize, claim, and live from your innate Divinity: your own Christ light and nature. When we know who and what we are as spiritual beings-fully sourced and undeniably connected with God, the Good Omnipotent, our lives become celebrations of love, peace, clarity, and wholeness. This class presents a different way of looking at Jesus and his message. Is it time to heal and expand your relationship with the teachings of Jesus?
Bondage or Liberty—Which? Emilie Cady’s book, Lessons in Truth, shines a light and reveals a path to deeper spiritual awareness and freedom from fear. The abiding Presence within you is calling you to realization, celebration, and magnificence! This “basic” Unity class lays a firm foundation. The possibilities in your life are endless!  

Prayer changes us. When we pray from an understanding of who we are as Divine Beings, created and actually of the Divine, everything shifts. Affirmative prayer is powerful!We actively and intentionally align with the Infinite Power and Presence of Spirit. From that place of higher thinking, we become open and receptive to the good our lives.


(Based on Charles Fillmore’s The Twelve Powers)
Do you know the Divine aspect of yourself? Do you know that you are Spirit's whole and perfect creation? Do you know that you are loved? As a beloved and powerful expression of God, what is true about God is true about you. The divine pattern within us can be lived as we learn to express the twelve qualities of Spirit. In this class, you will jump right in, and through discussion, meditation, and spiritual practice learn to call forth your Divine gifts.

(Various Classes)
We live in an abundant universe. Beyond the study of prosperity teachings, we learn to live them, and to thrive! Identifying and dissolving our old and limiting ideas, beliefs, and habits about our worthiness and connection with Spirit is the first step to living in joy and freedom. Join us on the path to realizing abundant wholeness in every area of your life.
Charles Fillmore, Unity's co-founder, wrote, "Practicing the Silence as part of the prayer and meditation process is fundamental to Unity teachings.  It is also essential for the development of spiritual understanding." In this class, you will learn to meditate and begin to make it part of your daily practice. Experience the many benefits of meditation, and overcome your resistance to it. Reduce stress, cultivate peace of mind in any circumstance, and tune into Spirit’s inner guidance and love.

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