What is Unity?

Our Mission

Creating Community, Living Love, Teaching Truth, Serving Spirit and Practicing Peace.

Our Vision

Unity of Portland is a vibrant, transformative spiritual center dedicated to serving and empowering people.

Our Values

  • Spirit Led - We go within to put Spirit first and our actions follow. 
  • Abundance - We know that God is our source and celebrate the unlimited possibilities present in every moment.
  • Love - We unconditionally accept and see the Divine in everyone and everything.
  • Integrity - We live in accordance with the spiritual practices we teach. Our thoughts, words and actions are consistently in alignment with the Truth of our being: Love.
  • Transformation - We take what is present and shift it to a higher form.
  • Joy - We have an ever-increasing awareness of Spirit. We practice hope, delight and beauty.

Our History

Our community was founded in 1925 by Rev. Marion Lance. In the mid fifties, we built our current building and had our first service there on Easter Sunday in 1958. We just celebrated our 90th anniversay and are looking forward to a transformative tenth decade as a community.

We are an open, welcoming spiritual community.