What is Unity?

What is Unity?

A Heart Centered Community


A Heart Centered Community.


"What we think we become"- Buddha



Unity of Portland was founded in 1925 by Rev. Marion Lance.

The current building was completed and 

Unity of Portland

had their first service here on Easter Sunday, 1958.


We have since celebrated our 90th anniversary and are looking forward to a transformative tenth decade as a Heart Centered Community.

Living Love, Teaching Truth,  Serving Spirit and Practicing Peace.


Our Vision

Unity of Portland has been a vibrant, transformative spiritual center 

dedicated to serving and empowering people for over 90 years. 


Unity Welcomes All! 

As people we have religious backgrounds, beliefs, creeds,

sexual orientations, social background. There are no exceptions! 


So congratulations, 

you're just like us! 



Unity offers tools that individuals may change their life with.


It’s an exciting time to be here because

 we are being asked to evolve individually, collectively, globally.

We know that positive, empowering transformation is occurring in our everyday lives! 


Stop in and check us out.

When you’re ready, we’ll support you in making friends

and finding ways to have meaningful connections within the Unity Community.


We hope to inspire happier lives.

If you are looking for a spiritual community of loving people to grow with,

this might be the place for you. 


Our Values


  • Spirit Led - Go within, put Spirit first so our actions can follow.


  • Love - See and accept the Divine in all people, situations, days.


  • Integrity - Live in accordance with spiritual practices that Unity teaches. To have thoughts, words, actions, that align with the truth of our being.


  • Joy - Have an ever-increasing awareness of Spirit. To know hope, delight, beauty.


  • Abundance - To Know God is source and celebrate the unlimited possibilities presented in every moment and every situation.


  •  Transformation - To know the only constant in this life is change.


That is just another word for Transformation. 



Unity of Portland

What is Unity of Portland?

Our five fundamental beliefs are:


  • God is source, creator of all. God is good and everywhere present.


  • All created in the image and likeness of God. God's spirit is within all.


  • Prayer, meditation, connect to the presence, source, God.


  • Thoughts and Words create our life.


  • Understanding is not enough. One must live these principles.