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Thanksgiving Eve Gratitude Service

Wednesday, November 25




Bring an old, used candle

Gather with friends as Rev. Lisa guides us through this Gratitude Service.



November 29 - December 20


The Spirit of Christmas


This year as we move into a holiday season unlike any we have seen before, we take time to contemplate the Spirit of Christmas as we allow it to be embodied in our being. In all traditions this time of year is the season of light. We look for the light, we welcome it and call it forth fully. Every day we make an agreement, consciously or unconsciously, as to how we will experience that day. This season we open to the true Spirit of Christmas, the awakening of the Divine within each of us. We put aside the ego, and we find an expansion of the love, peace, and joy within us. Come and celebrate this Christmas Journey with your Unity family!



Christmas Advent Booklets along with a Christmas bag full of supplies for all our special services will be available for pickup at UNITY on:


Saturday, November 28 from 2pm to 4pm


Sunday, November 29 from 11:30 to 1pm


Drive thru the little parking lot attached to the Unity building and we will hand you your holiday bag through your car window!



Holiday Special Services and Events



A Moment for Remembrance

Wednesday, December 2 at 7pm

Zoom Link for Service


We invite you to begin your holiday season with a special time of both remembering our loved ones who may not be with us and a time to grieve that which we have lost. During this special time, we remember and we move move toward creating a holiday season of love, peace, and intention. This circle of remembrance will bring us all into a new way of celebrating our holidays.

Email us your pictures to be shared during the service.


Early Christmas Candle Lighting Service

Friday, December 18 at 7pm

Facebook Live Link


It's time to put more Spirit into our Holiday! Join us for a beautiful time to celebrate the light of the Divine that is born in us. Through the gifts of music, candlelight, and message we open our hearts together to that which is calling us. We find our inner peace, and allow love to express through us and we live life fully!

Candles will be included in the Christmas bag to be picked up on Nov. 28 or Nov. 29.




Christmas Eve Service

Thursday, December 24 at 7pm

Facebook Live Link


Come and join us for the celebration of Spirit. This sacred holiday can be felt around the world as we celebrate the awakening of the divine in each of us. This a time to remember we are one. With music, candlelight, and message to open your heart to all that we are called to be. We are One in Spirit!



New Year's Eve Burning Bowl

Thursday, December 31 at 7pm

Facebook Live Link


It is time for both letting go of the old and welcoming in the new. This uplifting service gets you ready for your journey into 2021. It is a favorite here at Unity because it gives us an opportunity to move into the new year with a clean slate...and to set intentions of what we would like to see more of in our new year. Together we hold a space for the continued awakening of the Divine within each and every person in 2021. We are One in Spirit!

Burning bowl supplies will be included in the Christmas bag to be picked up on Nov. 28 or 29.


White Stone Ceremony

Sunday, January 3 at 10am

Facebook Live Link


As we begin this sacred journey of 2021, we open to what Spirit would have us embody along the way. We ask Spirit for a new name, a deeper understanding as we open our hearts fully to a new year. Join us as we open to possibility, the deeper understanding that life fully desires to vibrate through us now, as an expression of love, life, and a movement of Spirit. The fullness of life is expanding within us now!

White Stones will be in the Christmas bag for pickup on Nov. 28 or 29.