Youth of Unity

Youth of Unity (YOU) serves teens, 9th to 12th grade, and meets on our lower level in the YOU room each Sunday at 11:00AM. We love visitors and new members – you are welcome here!

Our teen ministry strives to be a place of unconditional love and acceptance. Our teens lead the group in partnership with our adult sponsors, giving everyone the opportunity to explore their spirituality, build connections, and develop leadership skills. We offer Movie Afternoons, Lock-ins, and Regional Retreats along with many opportunities to participate in service projects, fundraisers, and other fun activities.

YOU's Three-Fold Focus


A spiritual lesson is offered weekly to assist the YOUers in the understanding of spiritual laws and practical application in their daily life. Time is spent in prayer, meditation and connecting with the Christ within. Weekend retreats and rallies are offered to allow more intensive exploration of their divine nature.


Each YOU chapter organizes and implements a wide variety of service projects depending on the needs of the group, church and community.


YOUers believe in celebrating life and enjoy doing it together. The chapter’s social activities strengthen relationships and provide an opportunity to practice spiritual principles as they apply to daily life. Nurturing and supportive relationships develop among the teens and with their adult sponsors. YOU is a loving place to build friendships and interact with others of like mind.

The teens take on leadership roles with the support of their adult sponsors. Our teens experience leading prayer and meditation, organizing fundraisers, service projects, lock-ins and social events. Quarterly Heart Talks provide peer support and teach respectful communication skills. The teens attend spiritually based regional and international events sponsored by Unity Worldwide Ministries.

YOU Sponsor Team

Sponsors guide and encourage spiritual growth and create a positive atmosphere of acceptance and love in which the YOUers can share and grow.

YOU Registration Form

Your family’s information helps us to stay in touch! Please complete and return to our Youth and Family Ministry. Click here to download the registration form.


We invite your questions and interest in our program. Come explore us on line and you are welcome to contact our Youth and Family Ministry Coordinator, Barbara Selvaggi. She can be reached through the contact form to the left.